Ph. 570.455.7988 - Iron Hawg Custom Cycles Inc. - 640 W. 15th St. Hazleton, PA 18201 

Ph. 570.455.7988 - Iron Hawg Custom Cycles Inc. - 640 W. 15th St. Hazleton, PA 18201 











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Military Theme Tribute Bike

Bike Owner: 
Harry McFarland - Bronze Star Winner - VFW Life Member, D.A.V. Member

Graphics Artist: Debbie Mulnar
Finish Paint Clear Coating: Iron Hawg
Model: Roxy
Photographer: Millennium Concepts


militarythemebike_small.jpg ihservicemenbike067_small.jpg ihservicemenbike003_small.jpg ihservicemenbike010_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike013_small.jpg ihservicemenbike015_small.jpg ihservicemenbike019_small.jpg ihservicemenbike022_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike027_small.jpg ihservicemenbike028_small.jpg ihservicemenbike034_small.jpg ihservicemenbike038_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike039_small.jpg ihservicemenbike042_small.jpg ihservicemenbike043_small.jpg ihservicemenbike044_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike046_small.jpg ihservicemenbike048_small.jpg ihservicemenbike050_small.jpg ihservicemenbike052_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike053_small.jpg ihservicemenbike055_small.jpg ihservicemenbike058_small.jpg ihservicemenbike059_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike061_small.jpg ihservicemenbike063_small.jpg ihservicemenbike065_small.jpg ihservicemenbike008_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike074_small.jpg ihservicemenbike083_small.jpg ihservicemenbike117_small.jpg ihservicemenbike122_small.jpg
ihservicemenbike126_small.jpg ihservicemenbike128_small.jpg ihservicemenbike134_small.jpg ihservicemenbike184_small.jpg

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Iron Hawg Custom Cycles Inc. Has You Covered With Highly Experienced Techs, Fabricators and Builders.

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Customizing Anything!
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ph. 570.455.7988 - Iron Hawg Custom Cycles Inc. - 640 W. 15th St. Hazleton, PA 18201
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